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Gavin Whitt




Gavin Whitt has proudly worked in the Insurance Repair and Construction Industry for over 25 years.  Before starting Quality One Exteriors, he worked for some of the biggest companies in construction giving him a vast knowledge of all trades. From interior and exterior property restoration to electrical and masonry work, Gavin has all of the skills needed to oversee the complete repair and restoration of your home or business. Gavin is a HAAG Certified roofing inspector and has personally assisted thousands of property owners with the successfull settlement of their storm damage property claims. His purpose is to create a company that provides you with the best customer service possible. His job is to relieve you of all the stress and rigmarole of dealing with your insurance carrier. But, most importantly, his goal is to ensure that your home or business is restored to as good or better condition than it was before Mother Nature struck. So sit back and relax because Gavin and his team of qualified Storm Damage Specialists and skilled tradesmen are glad to help.  He is confident you will be more than pleased with choosing Quality One Exteriors as your restoration contractor and he promises our team will leave you with a smile.


Email: gavinwhitt@qualityoneexteriors.com

Cell:    704-796-3929


Joanna Whitt

Office Manager

Joanna serves the role of Office Manager well by displaying fine organizational skills that are essential to our office team and management. With her hard work and dedication, our jobs and insurance processes continue to flow smoothly, making it easy on both our staff, as well as our customers. Joanna is married to our owner, Gavin Whitt. Together, they have buit a company you can count on.  In the earlier days of our company's existence, she worked as the Administrative Assistant while also performing the Building Coordinator's role. She even worked briefly as a canvasser.  So, to say she has "done it all" is an understatement. She has over 25 years of management and customer service experience that is put to good use every day. She is truly an asset to the Quality One Exterior's family.


Email: jwhitt@qualityoneexteriors.com

Phone: 937-293-ROOF


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